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Nice needs to be maintained...

We ensure the highest quality of dentures and a long service life.


We recommend for your denture care a denture brush, running water and washing-up liquid.

Toothpaste pleasently refreshes. A water-filled basin minimizes the risk of fracture, if you drop the dentures once from the hands.


Soft and hard coverings and the bacteria adhere contained therin partly so strongly to the teeth and also the dentures, that you can not remove this completly at home.

A thorough and professional cleaning is essential for healthy conservation, but also for the durability of your dentures.


The prosthesis remains dimensionally stable, but your jaw may change.
Therefore the perfect fit of your denture should be regulary checked - about twice a year - Even if there are no problems occur while wearing.


If you remove your dentures at night, please keep it in a tank filled with water.
The plastic could otherwise dry up and loose the good fit..

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